Saturday, February 27, 2010

In a slump :\

The past few weeks have been soooo busy!  My youngest son (12yo) had a severe case of strep throat, I sprained my hand at work AND, my oldest grand daughter (8 yo in April) had surgery to place tubes in her ears!  As you can imagine, I haven't done a whole lot of crafting and I'm having withdrawls!!! 
I have to keep a splint on my arm to keep my hand immobile...makes it a bit hard to stamp and cut, I tell ya! Between light duty at work and not being able to open anything, I feel totally useless and helpless!!  I'm just thankful it's my left hand and not my right...although it makes it a bit difficult to drive as any pressure makes it feel like someone is driving a stake through my hand! (I TRIED telling my supervisor that my patients were killing me this  I guess I'll have to sit here and continue eating chocolate covered raisins until I'm all healed up ;)
It hasn't stopped me from joining swaps, though!  I've timed them so that they aren't due unitl mid-March to sometime in April.  Hopefully I'll be back up and at 'em soon so I can post some pics of new projects.  I figure about the middle of next week I'll be back to as normal as I can be :)

Til then, happy crafting everyone and have a Happy St Patricks Day.  How do YOU celebrate?

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  1. Hey Girl,
    Sorry things have been a bit rough lately! I sure hope you are all on the road to good health!
    Love and hugs,Janice