Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Recipe Card Challenge

This week's Recipe Card Challenge is to create a recipe card that holds a full meal. It'll inspire you to create
outside your little comfort zone...out of the box :)  Here's mine.  I made a dinner for April Fool's Day :)

The base holds the tags and looks like a shirt or dress bodice. The corsage in the Menu tag.


  1. What a fun theme for a recipe card! The shirt is so cool and I love the corsage too, you thought of everything! All the recipes sound really fun too! Thanks for playing in the challenge again!

  2. Wanda this is gorgeous! I love the dress/shirt with lace collar and buttons. So Pretty. The recipes sound fun too!

  3. Loving the colours and the style. Great recipes lol.
    Thanks for joining in with the recipe challenge
    Caroline x