Monday, May 10, 2010

Doll Dresses

I joined a swap on InspireSwapChat for Doll dresses. The hostess sent each participent a vintage paper doll and each is to make 6 dresses that fir the doll.  I received my paper doll and just had to play around with some fun patterns I came up with before becoming a serious dress know, to get the feel of a pattern to fit her. Here are two designs I came up with :)  The first is a simple summer dress with a hat and the second is a French Maid outfit complete with feather duster :)  The dresses I will make for the swap will - hopefully - be much more elegant.


  1. Hahahahaha! Wanda you amaze me! I hope you have posted these on ISC to give some inspiration to the other gals in the swap. I love your ideas! I should send you some more dolls for your grandbabies to play with.
    Hugs, Janice

  2. They are so pretty Wanda, it sounds like a really fun swap :)

  3. Wow! Those are fantastic!! Great job!