Friday, January 21, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry for no postings in quite a while.  I have gone back to school to become a medical transcriptionist...and none too soon!  In November of 2010, I hurt my back helping an RN at work and have been out of work ever since!  My "pulled muscle" diagnosis from the night of the incident actually turned out to be a protruded disc that is pressing against my sciatic nerve.  Still unable to work and am still not to lift, yada yada yada :(  Can't pick up my own grandbaby let alone do the bending, reaching and stretching I do when crafting! I haven't joined any swaps or challenges either.  Wait...I take that back...I have joined a secret sister type of swap just the other day. I figured that since I'm a little better able to actually sit and not stay propped up on the couch with my legs draped over a pile of pillows, I might can manage a card or two.  Can't stay up for too long at a time.  Am waiting for a consult with a spinal surgeon and a series of epidural cortisone shots.  So...I'm trying, guys :)  Hope your new year is going grand :)

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  1. Oh Wanda! I have missed you! I was so happy to see a post from you. So sorry you haven't been well. Prayers and hugs to you!
    :) Janice