Monday, November 23, 2009

Alleycat & Pixie - my namesakes

Wanted to share with you how I chose my name - AlleycatPixie.  Two of my 5 grand daughters, Allison and Jordan, had cute nicknames...Alleycat and Pixie.  I just put them togehter and voila!  AlleycatPixie was created.  Now, some pics of my namesakes: 
AND...the newest addition- Morgan - with her proud father, Richard (my next-to-the-oldest son - 26 yo)
I believe her nickname is going to be....MO MO :)

Amd here is a pic of Richard's wife Jo Jo (Joanna)  She really got into the Halloween spirit this year!  She dyed her naturally auburn hair BLACK!!! And Richard appears to be a cross between The Joker and The Crow...

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  1. Your son has pretty eyes and that youthful look like you. Very handsome! Your grandbabies are adorable! And I love the pages you made! Your package is on the way.